If you are like-minded and feel our State and Country need help – I have Good News!

We have a real opportunity for Maryland’s 7th Congressional taxpayers to elect a true champion statesman who will be a servant of the people, not a celebrity “wannabe.”

We need Corrogan R. Vaughn to replace Rep. Cummings! It can be done! With redistricting, voter dissatisfaction, and the right candidate, we finally have a good opportunity. 
The 2016 Election will be a defining moment of truth for America, for the future we will have, and the legacy we will leave.

Maryland 7th has some of the worst unemployment, highest crime rates, most school dropouts, and highest teenage pregnancies in the Nation. It is time for REAL change.

Corrogan  R. Vaughn is a well-known, well liked, and well respected faith-based leader in the District and even nationally, through his work during Katrina and the Progressive National Baptist Convention (PNBC). He has effective plans for turning our problems around.

Corrogan has a “5-Point Economic Recovery Plan,” “Proven Deal,” and “NABOR” ready to go on day one.

Because of his solid conservative stands for traditional, Constitutional values, Corrogan R. Vaughn has earned the support of a large and diverse body of constituents, faith leaders, members of Congress, business leaders, elected officials, national figures, and bi-partisan voters. 

If you love our country like I think you do, we need your help to save America. 
We need Corrogan R. Vaughn as our Congressman!

If we don’t turn it around now, we may not be able to later. 

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    Go corrogan !!!
    Time to change & replace with Republican —Vaughn.